An Open Invitation from Prof. Yavuz DEMİR

An Open Invitation from Prof. Yavuz DEMİR

15 Şubat 2022 / Salı

An Open Invitation
To whom it may concern...


Whomever you are

Individual, institute University


Our is not a repetition

Nor  of the repetition is the same

Even if you have broken your vowes

To write … thousand times

No matter come

Come yet again come

This is a call for all who places the story at the center of their lives

A call who belives we all come  with a story

Not just a Word

But a miracle

A call for one who says I am nothing without story

A desire like Alice who calls the Mouse back to finish the story

Please  come finish your story

Endless invitation

It will go on as long as  human lives

We need each other

Not just for our day to day World

But fort he World of imagination

No need to wait any longer

Let us come together to put paper creations together

In order to create a better World

We need our creations

Wherever they are

From whichever language they speak..

Let them go hand in hand

To be able to found an establishment

We are in great need of  our fictional ones

Let us call it United Fictional Nations

Let us sit together

Let us think and create together

Let us even  reshape  our centers of learning:

Absurdism, anarchaism avandgardism

Three sides of the model universite’s triangle

In short THe Story Based University


Come again

Wherver or whoever you are

In the name of creative writing this is a call for you

This entrance is a signed  to you…

This, is our manifesto,

To call all,

To be together,

Within the frame of building word...